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Scotland Memorial Hospital's Emergency Center, with over 24,000 square feet of space, provides an invaluable service to our community. The Center is the "front door" of the hospital for many visitors and it is imperative that the Center is able meet the needs of the community. Our Emergency Center is designed so that our staff can provide the most timely and efficient care possible.

Features of Our Emergency Center
Our Emergency Center has easy access to radiology, laboratory and state-of-the-art operating rooms. The treatment rooms feature the latest technology and each patient's progress is tracked by a computerized system.

Upon arrival, patients are assessed by a triage nurse. Each patient is asked questions about his or her visit to the Emergency Center, their current medications, allergies and past medical problems, or any surgeries. Vital signs are then taken. Information obtained during this process allows the triage nurse to determine the patient's priority of care.

Our Emergency Center has 33 treatment rooms to ensure a more private environment and to comply with HIPAA laws. Our modern nurses' station allows for closer monitoring of patients while also allowing room for a centralized area for communication and equipment.

Critical patients are seen first in the Emergency Center. The number of ambulances arriving directly into the treatment area and the condition of these patients can affect the number of beds available in the treatment area as well as the time taken by the physicians and nurses to care for these patients.

Improvements in Customer Service

Patients Have Access to Tablets
Patients who visit Scotland Memorial’s Emergency Center can now engage in real-time feedback with staff, better understand their health conditions and discharge instructions, request information regarding a primary care provider, sign up for the patient portal, and enjoy games and other content while waiting.

An innovative tablet-based platform allows us to increase the amount of information available to patients, be responsive to changing patient needs, and provide the best possible patient experience. The tablets offer visual and written reinforcement of a physician's discharge and after-care instructions. In addition, waiting time between physician visits and procedures now becomes informative and productive. Patients use the tablets to receive relevant and timely information about their health conditions, potential testing and treatment as well as general information about the hospital services, play games, and make requests to the EC staff.

Ready Care Unit
Ready Care is designed to ensure the Emergency Center is well organized and efficient. In the Ready Care unit, the Emergency Center staff treats those patients with minor conditions such as cough symptoms, sore throat, rashes, and sprains. Opening Ready Care allows staff to treat these patients more quickly and efficiently in order to improve the overall flow of patients through the Emergency Center. Adding Ready Care frees up the Emergency Center main staff so that they may focus on the most urgent cases first and also to improve patient’s access and overall patient satisfaction.

Ready Care has designated staff that includes one provider, one nurse, and one patient care technician. Hours of operation for the Ready Care are 10am to 10pm daily. The main Emergency Center continues to be open 24 hours daily.

Contact Us
For more information about Scotland Memorial Hospital's Emergency Center contact Bridgette Bowen, RN, Emergency Director, at 910-291-7705.