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The Women’s Center at Scotland Memorial is located on the second floor of the hospital and consists of Labor & Delivery, Obstetrics and Gynecology rooms, and a Nursery. The Center's Obstetrics and Gynecology unit offers 14 private rooms, allowing time for bonding with your new baby or recovering from a procedure. Two of the OB rooms are capable of fetal monitoring and are used when extended stays are necessary during your pregnancy. The Labor/Delivery/Recovery (LDR) area offers four beautifully-decorated spacious rooms, as well as three triage beds where antepartum testing and observations are performed.

Following recommendations by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, access to the Center is controlled by the Nurses’ Station and visitors must request permission for entry. Patients in the Labor and Delivery Rooms choose three coaches to support them throughout their labor and delivery. These three individuals will be banded for the duration of labor. In the Obstetric Gynecology area patients may have up to four visitors at a time. Visitors under age 12 must be siblings of the newborn.

The Women's Center provides parents a positive home-like environment in which to bring your baby into the world. In addition to outstanding maternity accommodations, exceptional physicians, and a certified nurse midwife, our nurses and other professionals are dedicated to making your stay at The Women's Center as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to ensure that we meet your expectations.

The staff of the Women's Center is dedicated to providing you and your family members with the information and education needed to make informed decisions throughout the childbearing years.

Jennas Story

Jenna's Story

Grace came early: One new mother, two surprises—and the comfort of care close to home

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Our Ob/Gyn Providers

Scotland Memorial currently has four board certified OB/GYN physicians on staff, along with a certified nurse midwife.

  • Samuel Cummings, M.D.
  • Harvey Kohn, M.D.
  • Patricia Middleton, M.D.
  • Linda Mitchell-Frye, M.D.        
  • LaTonya Armstrong, CNM

The Labor & Delivery
This area serves antepartum, intrapartum, vaginal and operative delivery and recovery and offers:

  • A total of seven (7) patient beds
  • Four (4) Labor/Delivery/Recover (LDR'S)
  • One (1) triage room
  • One (1) semi-private early labor room

Each labor and delivery room (LDR) is equipped with a birthing bed, electronic fetal monitor, Watch Child surveillance monitor, pulse oximeter and infant stabilization area with a radiant warmer equipped for resuscitation. The triage and early labor room also contains a Watch Child electronic surveillance system with display screens in each room and one in the nurse's station. The obstetrical operating room (OR) and post-acute care unit (PACU) are located within the labor and delivery area.

Newborn Nursery
The Women's Center cares for our babies along with the mother on the OB/GYN unit. We strive to provide a “mother/baby” friendly unit that focuses on skin to skin bonding which will greatly increase breastfeeding mothers. The Newborn Nursery is equipped with 16 bassinets and three radiant warmer units. A designated procedure room is located within the nursery.

Following a normal vaginal delivery babies are transferred to the room with mom to allow bonding with the mom and family. Babies delivered by caesarean section are taken to their mother as soon as mom returns to the floor from recovery and if the baby is stabilized.

The Special Care Nursery
Within the Special Care Nursery there are five bassinets in an enclosed area where the specially trained staff care for infants with additional needs after delivery.

Provision of care in the Neonatal Nursery includes cardio/respiratory monitoring, pulse oximetry, oxygen therapy, umbilical artery/vein catheters, and peripheral intravenous therapy. An infant ventilator is available when indicated for stabilization of the airway prior to transport to the Special Care Nursery.

The Women's Center Special Care Nursery is equipped with the following:

  • Three radiant warmer beds
  • Three infant incubators
  • Five cardiac/apnea monitors
  • Three pulse oximeters
  • Emergency resuscitative drugs for neonates

Our Pediatricians
Scotland Memorial currently has six pediatricians with a combined work experience of over eighty years. All of these physicians are board certified and members of the American Academy of Pediatrics. These pediatricians have made an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning and advocacy for children. All six of the pediatricians listed below are physicians at The Purcell Clinic, a private practice here in Laurinburg, NC and have admitting privileges at Scotland Memorial.

  • Jeffrey Byrd, M.D.
  • Elaine Jiménez, M.D.
  • Michael O'Donnell, M.D.
  • Tharon Howard, M.D.
  • Thomas Rinkacs, FNP
  • Matthew Thompson, FNP

Contact Us
For information about The Women's Center at Scotland Memorial, please call Michelle Herberg, RNC-OB, BSN, Director, at 910-291-7820 or click to send an e-mail.