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Grace came early: One new mother, two surprises—and the comfort of care close to home

Birthing classes at Scotland Health Care, regular appointments with her OB/Gyn--expectant mother Jenna Freeman was making sure her pregnancy went smoothly.

“Dr. Linda Mitchell-Frye and her staff were a pleasure to work with during my pregnancy. They provided me with answers to all of my questions.”

At the time, she had no idea how important those classes would wind up being.

An Early Delivery
Despite her careful plans, Jenna went into labor early. Her birthing class instructor, Janet, stepped in to help.

“Because of the timing, I ended up being without any family there for Grace’s birth,” says Jenna. “Janet came to support me. She helped me focus and breathe. She was there for me every step of the way. In fact, she even came back to visit Grace and gave her a stuffed animal. The Scotland Women’s Center team went above and beyond in making Grace’s birth a wonderful experience.”

An Unexpected Surgery
Several months later, Jenna was in for another surprise. Suffering from intense pain, she made an appointment with Dr. Mitchell-Frye. An MRI showed she had a mass on her ovary.

She needed surgery to remove the tumor immediately—not exactly good news for a mother with a newborn at home.

Jenna says the care she got at Scotland Women’s Center eased the stress, as well as helped her get better. “I was so pleased to see familiar faces taking care of me, some of the same nurses who’d been there for my delivery,” says Jenna.

These days, both she and Grace are doing well. “I could not have asked for better care,” says Jenna. “I would recommend this team to anyone.”