Since 1988 Scotland Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has served as the provider and custodian of generous gifts and bequests to Scotland Health Care System. The Foundation plays an integral and unique role of support in Scotland Health Care System’s mission to provide Safe, High Quality, Compassionate, and Sustainable health care throughout the communities served.

The Foundation is governed by a 25 member volunteer Board of Trustees with individuals representing Scotland, Robeson and Marlboro counties. These dedicated volunteers oversee and participate in the fundraising programs, allocate funds to specific areas of need and support the events and activities of the Foundation.

Generous philanthropic community support enables the Foundation to touch hundreds of people every year by offering programs and services which provide hope, encouragement, and a healthier way of life to friends, family and neighbors in the communities served by Scotland Health Care System. Contributions are not used to subsidize the operating costs of the health care system or pay staff salaries or expenses.

Scotland Memorial Foundation will accept only the best in healthcare for our communities.

To provide resources that support: the finest in healthcare services within the Scotland Health Care System, innovative and high quality community health projects, and health education.