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The Highland Society
Every organization relies on its most faithful supporters to ensure its success and to chart its course for the future. At Scotland Memorial Foundation, we recognize those people and businesses as part of a special group - The Highland Society.

The Highland Society was created to thank and recognize those people, businesses and organizations that made significant contributions of $1,000 or more to the Scotland Memorial Foundation in a calendar year. The Society was established in 2002, and we are continually humbled by the members who continue to give at this level. We are extremely grateful for those who are with us for the first time and especially for those who have achieved membership in the prestigious Skye Club.

The Skye Club
The Skye Club recognizes individuals who have given a total of at least $25,000 to Scotland Memorial Foundation since 2000. As a member of the Skye Club, you become a lifetime member of the Scotland Memorial Foundation Highland Society, which entitles you to invitations to our annual Highland Society Dinner, held each winter, and the State of the Hospital Luncheon, held each summer, along with ongoing updates on Highland Society activities.

Fulton-Tornow Society
The Fulton-Tornow Society was established in recognition of two local citizens for their outstanding impact on the community and our health care system. This special group of people have chosen to create a meaningful legacy by including Scotland Memorial Foundation in their wills, revocable trust, or with other planned gifts. To become a member, review your Planned Giving options with your Financial Advisor.