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Scotland Health Care System Now Offers the Latest Technology in Robotic-arm Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Scotland Health Care System is proud to be the first within 100 miles to offer the most advanced technology for both knee and hip replacement surgery. 

This technology has changed the way joint replacement surgeries in that the surgery is planned in detail down to fractions of millimeters and degrees from a CT scan prior to their surgery. Using three dimensional images of the patient’s diseased joint, the surgeon meticulously “performs” the replacement surgery “virtually” on the computer screen before any incision is made. That custom plan is then used to guide the tools in the surgeon’s hands to precisely execute that plan in the operating room.

 Often the most effective treatment for a severely diseased knee or hip is joint replacement, and the experienced doctors of Scotland Health Care’s Orthopedic Team are tops in the field. In fact, Doctors Paul Rush, Ralph Carter and John Smid pioneered the use of computer-assisted navigational surgery for knee replacements. Dr. Richard Alexander is the areas only fellowship trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon.

With robotic technology in their hands, our highly skilled surgeons are replacing knees and hips with:

  • State of the art precision
  • More rapid recovery
  • Better durability
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved function and pain relief

Joint Camp
Scotland Memorial is also one of the few hospitals to provide Joint Camp – a free informational program designed for joint replacement patients to help improve surgical outcome and to increase patient satisfaction.