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Most cancers happen by chance or due to reasons such as smoking. Some cancers, however, are more likely to be inherited or run in families. Knowing whether you and your family may be at risk for these inherited cancers may help with earlier detection and prevention. Though genetic counseling, patients and their families can have access to the latest information and technology about hereditary cancers.

The Hereditary Cancer Clinic offers cancer risk assessment and education to cancer patients and people with a family history of cancer or other cancer risk factors. Board-certified genetic counselors team with medical oncologists to provide each patient with information about:

  • Risk of inherited cancers
  • Cancer risk reduction
  • Early detection of cancer

Please contact Scotland Cancer Treatment Center about genetic counseling if you have any of the following in your personal or family history:

  • Cancer with unusually early age of diagnosis
  • Uncommon cancers (such as male breast cancer or ovarian cancer)
  • Multiple relatives with same cancer
  • Bilateral cancers or multiple primary cancers
  • Cancer diagnosed in two or more generations
  • Family member with an identified cancer gene mutation
  • Ethnicity that is prone to certain cancers
  • Concerns or anxiety about personal or family cancer risk
  • Questions about ways to prevent cancer or find it early
  • Interest in genetic testing for hereditary cancer
  • Interest in participating in cancer genetics research
  • Concerns about environmental or medical exposures

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For additional information, call Crystal Powers at (910)-291-7630 or toll-free at 1-877-762-2735.