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The Nurse of Distinction Award recognizes registered nurses who exemplify by their practice and leadership the highest standards and ideals of the nursing profession and Licensed Practical Nurses who display exceptional ability and performance in the nursing profession.

Switched to DAISY Award after 2015.  Click here to view DAISY Award recipients. 



Tim Franklin, RN (New Graduate)

Kaci Oxendine, RN (Acute Care)

Megan Locklear, RN (Ambulatory)

Loretta Patrick, RN (Critical Care)

Kimberly Johnson, LPN (LPN)


Ruth Locklear, RN (New Graduate)

Michelle Moore, LPN (LPN)

Tray Willett, RN ( RN)


Becky Crews, RN (Support)

Virginia Snipes, RN (Float/Flex)

Nikki Hammonds, RN (Acute)

Jennifer Jones, RN (Clinic)

Jamie Jacobs, RN (Charge)

Kim Russell, RN (New Graduate)

Myra Bodenhamer, RN (Critical Care)

Haylee Cook, RN (Critical Care)


Tonya Locklear, LPN (Ambulatory Centers)

Will Talton, RN (Clinical Support)

Kameshia Harrison, RN (New Graduate)

Karan Patton, RN (Post Acute)

Sandi Westall, RN (Support)

Christan Ayers, RN (Ambulatory Centers)

Cindy Sharpe, RN (Acute)


Cheryl Hine, LPN (Post Acute)

Erica McGirt, RN (New Graduate)

Tammie Slaughter, RN (Clinical Support)

Lisa Dial-Hunt, RN (Support)

Nancy Stricklin, RN (Post Acute)

Heather Norton, RN (Ambulatory Centers)

Samantha Simmons, RN (Acute)


Kay Locklear, LPN (Scotland Memorial Hospital)

Heather Johnson, RN (New Graduate)

Lisa Bender, RN (Clinical Support)

Barbara Anderson, RN (Ambulatory Centers)

Carrie Funderburk, RN (Post Acute)

Melanie Thompson, RN (Scotland Memorial Hospital)

Kim Mintz, RN (Scotland Memorial Hospital)