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  • Visitors are welcome any time between the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM. Visitation guidelines are listed below: 
  • Staff will provide privacy for visitation. Visits may take place in the patient's room or other more public areas of the facility. All visitors will be asked to respect visitor guidelines.
  • If for any reason a resident does not want to receive a visitor, staff will abide by their request.
  • The Hospice Medical Director reserves the right to limit visit times or number of visitors based on the patient's condition.
  • Overnight visitors require approval of Morrison Manor staff. Accommodations will be made for our overnight guests.
  • Visitors are asked to sign in upon arrival.
  • Children are welcome, but require direct supervision at all times. For the safety of our residents, please do not bring sick children into Morrison Manor.
  • Visitors are not allowed in the nurse's station, medication room, or kitchen.
  • Groups (community, church, etc.) are welcome to visit. As a courtesy to staff, please coordinate group visits in advance.
  • All visitors are expected to behave in an orderly manner. Any visitor who causes a disturbance will be asked to leave.


Please call Hospice of Scotland County at (910) 276-7176, or toll-free at (877) 276-7176. After hours and weekends, you can reach Morrison Manor at (910)291-1599.