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Every Wednesday morning, the Scotland Regional Hospice Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) gathers to discuss the current condition and care plans for patients and families under hospice services.

The Scotland Regional Hospice IDT consists of providers, nurses, social workers, chaplains, finance representatives, volunteer representatives, bereavement representatives, intake representatives, and other staff members as required.

Providing holistic and personalized care to each patient is crucial for hospice providers. This objective is achieved by addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational needs of both the patient and their families.

When a patient is admitted into hospice care, the assigned members of the IDT collaborate to conduct a comprehensive assessment. This assessment helps determine the most effective way to serve the patient through hospice care. Each IDT member possesses expertise in meeting specific needs and together they create an optimal care plan for the individual patient.

Medicare requires the IDT to review each patient's condition every 15 days. Scotland Regional Hospice's IDT fulfills this requirement during their weekly Wednesday meetings. During these meetings, the team assesses if any revisions to a patient's care plan are necessary based on changes in the patient's status. Although the IDT is obligated to review care plans every 15 days, they can review and revise them more frequently as needed.

Scotland Regional Hospice's mission is to assist the terminally ill in living as fully and comfortably as possible. The IDT plays a vital role in achieving the success of this mission.