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Working through grief after the death of a loved one can be one of the most profound experiences of our lives. The coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated this experience for many in the Carolinas. In response, Scotland Regional Hospice is now offering a new service to help those coping with grief – a virtual support group. 

The Family Services team at Scotland Regional Hospice is committed to the health and well-being of people anticipating or affected by the death of a loved one. Support groups are effective tools used by hospice social workers to help with the healing process, but COVID-19 restrictions have caused many support groups to be suspended.  The new virtual support group has been set up to remedy this issue.

“It is important to realize that experiencing grief is a normal, natural and expected response to the loss of a loved one,” said Tanya Williams, Scotland Regional Hospice Director of Family Services. “The guided support groups will allow participants to share their experiences and freely express their feelings and reactions to their losses. Often it helps just knowing that they are not alone.”

Williams also noted that the loss does not have to be recent to participate in the support group. “Normal grief has no calendar or timetable,” she explained. “Feelings of grief can unexpectedly surface years after a loved one passes away. Those who have successfully navigated the grieving process are also welcome to share their experiences with the group.”

The virtual support group takes place each Thursday at 4:00pm.  This is a free bereavement service offered to anyone in Scotland, Robeson, Richmond, Hoke, Marlboro, Dillon, or Chesterfield counties, whether or not the loved one was a Scotland Regional Hospice patient.