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Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. daily

Inpatients: Two visitors allowed at a time per patient during visiting hours. Visitor may switch out during this time.

COVID-Positive Inpatients: One visitor per day during visiting hours (unless end of life).

  • Visitor must wear full PPE.
  • Visitor must remain in the room and may not visit the cafeteria or gift shop.
  • Visitor may not switch out.

Women’s Center: Visitor policy for the women’s center is as follows….

  • Triage: One visitor
  • Labor & Delivery (L&D): Three visitors.  Visitors may not switch out.
  • Obstetrics (OB): Two visitors at a time.  Visitors may switch out.
  • Nursery: Parents or adult with band.  1 visitor at a time.  Visiting hours: 8a-6p and 8p-6a.  Times may vary with provider rounds or emergencies.

Emergency Center: One visitor per patient (unless end of life and approved by MD).

Outpatient / Ambulatory Surgery: Two visitors may accompany each patient.  Parents may stay with child.

SPN Clinics: One visitor per patient if needed.