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June 19, 2023  |  News Category: Hospital News

Scotland Uber social media


Scotland Health has partnered with Uber Health in an effort to help create a safe and convenient way for patients to ensure they have transportation to their appointments at Scotland Health and Scotland Physicians Network. 

Uber Health is a branch of the well-known Uber platform and allows for HIPAA-compliant transportation. There are currently only a small amount of Uber drivers in our service area. To make this a successful service for our patients and our community, we encourage people to apply with Uber. 

Jamie Cicali, Senior Director Population Health stated, “We have found on many occasions that appointments are missed by our patients due to lack of reliable transportation. We have looked for another innovative solution available to help relieve some of the burden of finding that transportation for our patients. Scotland Health is excited to partner with Uber Health and we are hoping by getting the word out that this service is potentially available, please apply and the patients will benefit.” 

Once there are a substantial number of drivers within our service area, this service will be provided to our patients that have appointments for services such as primary care, specialty care, imaging services, wound care, and rehabilitation therapy just to name a few. If you need emergency services, patients will still need to call 911 or transport yourself via private transportation.