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September 12, 2022  |  News Category: Hospice News

Ornament Fundraiser

Scotland Regional Hospice begins Christmas Fundraiser

On Monday, September 12, Scotland Regional Hospice will kick off its annual Christmas ornament fundraiser.  The fundraiser, which has taken place in the months of November and December in the past is starting early this year due to increased demand.

“The last two years, we have sold out weeks before we intended the fundraiser to end,” explained Bunny Hasty, Scotland Regional Hospice volunteer coordinator.  “This year, we will have more ornaments available for purchase so we want to start earlier to make sure that everyone who wants one can get one.”

Each year, the hospice ornament takes a different form with the 2022 version shaped as the very popular “Tree of Life”.  The “Tree of Life” is often used as a symbol of connection between the living and loved ones lost with its roots planted deep into the earth, but its branches reaching out to the heavens.  This makes the “Tree of Life” a perfect companion of the hospice philosophy.  

Hospice volunteers at Scotland Regional Hospice have been working hard throughout the summer to get the ornaments ready to sell.  The painted wooden ornaments are 3.5” round and the volunteers have packaged and decorated over 1,000 individual ornament by hand making them each unique in some way. The bows and ribbons are hand tied, the greenery is hand painted, the ornaments and cards are hand packaged, and the hundreds of tiny pinecones used in the decorating were even picked up off of the ground, not purchased. A lot of love went into each and every one.

“It has taken the collaboration of many of our volunteers to make this fundraiser happen,” shared Hasty.  “They have taken ribbon home to hand-tie bows, they have packaged ornaments at our office, and now they will get to work selling them.  Although our Christmas fundraiser has changed forms over the years, our amazing volunteers have been the backbone of all of our fundraising, and we can’t thank them enough.”

The angel ornaments are $10 each and all proceeds benefit end-of-life care to families in our community.

To purchase an angel, click here or call 910-276-7176.

For ornaments mailed outside of the area, you may be asked to provide postage.