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The Scotland Way

Message from Greg Wood, President and CEO

The Scotland Way defines the Culture of Scotland Health. It is the ideal we aspire to and the way we currently act. We strive to be Better:

Better than yesterday,
Better than our peers,
Better than expected,
So our patients get Better.


We commit to Zero harm. We work collaboratively as a Team to create a climate of trust and safety where each team member is respected for their role. We communicate candidly, transparently, consistently, and professionally.

  • We speak up for patient and teammate safety by stopping the line.
  • We follow standard work because it keeps our patients and teammates safe.
  • We use LEAN thinking to find innovative and adaptive solutions.


We strive for the top decile in the nation for healthcare quality. We believe standardization of care will drive value. We are accountable for our actions and performance. We recognize and celebrate excellence.

  • We put patients first.
  • We commit to best practices as the standard of care.
  • We openly admit our mistakes to learn from them.


We are friendly and caring. We treat patients, visitors, and each other with dignity and respect.

  • We treat our patients, visitors, and staff as our own family.
  • We recognize and appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our patients and staff.
  • We put patients and their experience before our personal convenience.


We are good stewards of what has been entrusted to us. We invest in and are accountable to our community. We demonstrate integrity in the way we do our work and conduct ourselves.

  • We follow the rules and ethical standards which govern the work we do.
  • We spend Scotland Health’s money as if it was our own.
  • We communicate transparently to our community about the decisions we make.