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Students Experiencing Scotland Health Care System

Scotland Health Care System offers a non-paid Job Shadowing experience for area students and/or visitors. Job Shadowing allows the participant to visit an area of the health care system, including the hospital or an outlying clinic area, to experience a health care setting to determine an interest in pursuing a health care career.

In an effort to develop continued interest from our youth to further their education in a health care field, we are proud to offer this service to Scotland County and the surrounding region. From nursing and pharmacy to health education and nuclear medicine, the opportunities for students to experience a "day in the life of a specific health care career" is wide open. If you or someone you know is a 9th grade student or higher, and is interested in taking part in this exceptional program, please contact your school's career counselor for more information.

Questions regarding the specific opportunities offered through the Job Shadow Program at Scotland Health Care System may be directed to the Staff Development Department at (910) 291-7142.

To start the Job Shadowing process, follow these easy steps:

  • Read our internal policy on Job Shadowing by clicking here.
  • We ask our job shadowing students to complete the TB Screening Questionnaire.
  • We ask for a copy of your COVID-19 vaccine card.
  • We also ask that between the months of October through March, applicants must submit that they have received a flu vaccine.
  • The Job Shadowing Packet also includes all the necessary forms for your signature and the consent by your parent or guardian. A hard copy of the packet is available by calling 910-291-7142 or requesting a packet in person at Scotland Health Care System's Education/Staff Development Department between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • Return your completed paperwork (including TB Skin Test information) in one of the following ways:
    Send by email
    Fax to (910) 291-7948
    Mail to:
    Scotland Health Care System
    500 Lauchwood Dr.
    Laurinburg NC 28352
    Deliver in person to the Scotland Health Care System Staff Development Department, which is located in the Staff Development Center on the west side of the hospital campus.