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  • Christina Comer

    Christina Comer

    Christina Comer
    Board Certified Behavior Analyst & Professional Organizer
    Functional Shui (Owner)

    Through her work in the field as a BCBA, Christina has learned important scientifically validated strategies that allow her to individualize and teach someone to organize while also assisting them with the process. 

    She approaches organization by working with a client to analyze why a space is being used in a particular way and planning practically and accordingly verses just cleaning up a space. 

    Session: Decluttering 101: Decoding and Deciphering the Link Between Increased Stress and Environmental Unrest 

    Explore how behavior and the environment are affected by each other and create a plan for your home organization to create positive and significant change in your environment.


  • no photo available presenter

    Jackie Covington

    Jackie Covington, VP, Branch Manager
    First Bank

    Session: Financial Wellness

  • Healthy Together Demetria Davis

    Demetria Davis

    2003 World Championship Gold Medalist (4x4 relay team)
    2021 North Carolina Mother of the Year (by American Mother’s Inc)
    2023 University of South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame

    Demetria Davis holds many titles- All-American, SEC champion, NCAA champion, gold medalist, world champion, Mother and Grandmother.
    She was named North Carolina Mother of the Year by American Mothers Inc. in 2022, the 58th woman in North Carolina to hold that honor since the program began in 1935.
    She is a mother of 5 and grandmother to 2 and will share her passion for motherhood and tips on how to be a multi-faceted mother. 

    Session: The Multifaceted Mother

  • no photo available presenter

    Michelle Ellerbe

    Michelle Ellerbe

    Session: Zumba


  • Healthy Together Ashleigh Freeman

    Ashleigh Freeman

    Ashleigh J. Freeman, MD

    Maxton Family Practice

    Moderated Panel Discussion

  • Healthy Together Felicia

    Felisa Hammonds, FNP

    Diabetes Educator 
    Scotland Physicians Network 

    Felisa B. Hammonds, is a Diabetes Educator and Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who sees patients in the Scotland Health Care System, caring for patients from Robeson, Scotland, Marlboro and surrounding counties. She has more than 20 years of nursing experience, caring for patients in a variety of health care settings, including hospital and home care hospice. Mrs. Hammonds received her associates and undergraduate degree from Robeson Community College, and Fayetteville State University respectfully, then attended Duke University School of Nursing, where she received her master’s degree in Nursing, with a specialty in Family Practice and Endocrinology. She graduated in the Pioneer Class for the Endocrinology Specialty in 2017, and to date is the only Native American Nurse Practitioner in the United States with this specialty.  

    Session Title: Knowledge is Power; Let’s Dispel Diabetes Myths


  • Jennifer Isenhour

    Jennifer L Isenhour

    Jennifer L. Isenhour, MD

    Scotland Health Emergency Department

    Moderated Panel Discussion

  • Shelley Lowery

    Shelly S. Lowery

    Shelly S. Lowery, MD

    Scotland Health CMO, Pembroke Family Practice

    Moderated Panel Discussion

  • Healthy Together Moneika Murphy

    Moneika Murphy

    Moneika Murphy, MD

    Harris Family Practice

    Moderated Panel Discussion

  • no photo available presenter

    Caroline Parkes

    Caroline Parkes
    Scotland Health Care System 

    Session: Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

  • no photo available presenter

    Marci Nor

    Marci Nor, RN
    Outpatient Cardiac Rehab Coordinator
    Scotland Health Care System

    Marci Nor has 20 years of inpatient cardiology and CCU experience and is the outpatient cardiac rehab coordinator for Scotland Health Care System.
    Board-certified in cardiac-vascular nursing
    Certified Cardiac Rehab Professional by AACVPR (Association of Cardiac Rehab Professionals)
    20+ years experience working in cardiology- Cardiac Critical Care Units (CCU) and Open Heart Unit (OHU), and now Outpatient Cardiac Rehab (since 2017)

    Session: Heart Disease: Risk Factors & Prevention 

    Explore how heart disease can present differently in women, your risk factors, and strategies to prevent heart disease by following a heart-healthy lifestyle.


  • Tanya Williams

    Tanya Williams

    Tanya Williams
    Director of Family Support Services
    Scotland Regional Hospice

    Tanya Williams has been with the Scotland Health Care System for 36 years, the last 13 years at Scotland Regional Hospice. She graduated from East Carolina University in 1984 with a degree in Social Work. She is married with 3 children, Alex, age 32; Colton, age 27; and Jeremy, forever 17.

    Session: Living with Grief

    Loss is something that binds us together as human beings, and grief is a part of life that all of us will experience when we suffer loss.
    Powerful feelings of grief and loss are so normal and natural that they are typically not given a ‘diagnosis’ like other conditions such as anxiety or depression. There is no right way to grieve and no ‘quick fix’, but there are ways that you can cope.  Join Tanya to learn about coping with grief and creating your own Grief Tool Box.


  • woriax healthy together

    Hannah Woriax

    Hannah Woriax, M.D.
    Breast Surgery, General Surgery
    Scotland Health Care System

    Dr. Hannah Woriax is a Duke Health fellowship-trained Breast Surgeon at Scotland Cancer Treatment Center.  

    Session: Breast Health