What is Scotland Health Plus?
Scotland Health Plus is a program designed to connect discharged patients to all clinical services and resources needed to successfully manage their care when recovering from an illness or hospital stay. We are happy to kick the program off with the opening of our new in-house pharmacy located in Pembroke Family Practice Center

The new pharmacy will provide and easy and affordable way for our Pembroke patient’s to get their prescriptions and over-the-counter needs fulfilled.  This can be done before they leave the clinic, thus eliminating the need for an additional stop.  

Why create Scotland Health Plus?
By assisting our patients with these services and maintaining the continuum of care, we expect this will lead to improved patient recovery and wellness; reduce hospital readmissions, and higher patient experience scores.

How will Scotland Health Plus work?
New patient’s will be directed to the pharmacy so all prescription information can be collected.

Who can I contact with questions?
Please call the Pembroke pharmacy at 910.522.7833 with any questions.