Scotland Health Care System discontinued the use of RelayHealth as the patient portal service at Scotland Memorial Hospital April 1, 2018. Your information will continue to be available to you in RelayHealth, but nothing new will be added.  On Sept. 28, 2018, patients will no longer be able to access RelayHealth at all. There will be no automatic pull of your information from RelayHealth to FollowMyHealth, but can easily be added into your FollowMyHealth account. 

Patients can download their current information from the RelayHealth portal using these instructions.

Click the Download My Data icon from the Home Page. Next, from the More Options page, select the Upload/Download Health Data link. By default, your health record displays. If you need to download a dependent's record, from the More Options page, click the patient dropdown and select the dependent's name. At the bottom of the Upload/Download CCD Format Health Data page, use the dropdown to select either PDF or XML. Click the Blue Button Download My Data icon. If required by your browser, click Yes to view the exported file.

Once you Sign Up and Log In to FollowMyHealth, follow these instructions to import your health record. 

*If you are a patient portal account holder with our Scotland Physician Network practices, this change will not impact that patient portal as it is provided though IQHealth.