Scotland Health Care System's medical staff includes physicians, advanced clinical practitioners such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners, and other specialists. You may search for a provider by last name, specialty, or if you are looking for a provider in a specific location, please make your selection by Location. If you have questions about a medical provider or a medical practice, please don't hesitate to contact the Marketing Department at 910-291-7550.

Scotland Physicians Network

Many of our medical providers are employed by Scotland Health Care System and provide medical care in one of the nine Scotland Physicians Network practices. All of these medical practices share the same standards for excellence, using an electronic medical record for seamless integration and coordination of care across the network. Two of the most important benefits to patients are:

  • Your electronic medical record contains your medical history and is available throughout the Scotland Physicians Network practices.
  • Your medical provider has more time to offer to patient care since he or she is less involved in the administrative running of the practice.

Thank you for choosing Scotland Health Care System for your medical care.

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