Scotland Memorial Hospital is committed to providing quality health care to our patients. We recognize the cost of necessary health care services may be a burden for our patients and their families. If you are not able to pay your hospital bill, please click on the links below to read important information on the options available to you.

Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

Resumen en Lenguaje Sencillo de la Ayuda Financiera

Financial Assistance Policy

Política para Ayuda FinancierFinancial

Financial Assistance Application

Solicitud para Ayuda Financiera

Billing and Collection Policy

Política de Facturación y Cobros

Amount Generally Billed
IRS Regulation 501r requires the hospital to calculate the Amount Generally Billed to patients who have insurance and to assure patients who qualify for the Financial Assistance Program are not charged more than the average amount reimbursable by insurance.

Scotland Memorial Hospital uses the “Look Back Method” described by the IRS in the 501r regulations.  This method compares the charges for claims processed by insurance companies and Medicare with the “amounts allowed” for those services.  The “amounts allowed” means the portion that insurance and Medicare pay and/or assign to the patient to pay.

The percentage is updated annually, based on activity provided through September 30th and updated in the Financial Assistance Policy and related calculations within 120 days.


Sliding Fee Discount Policy and Applications
To promote access to preventative and illness care for un-insured low income persons, Scotland Health Care System's Family Practice Center patients who meet the eligibility requirements outlined in this policy will qualify for a discount applied against charges.


Contact Us
For more information regarding financial assistance or completing an application, please contact our Financial Counselors at 910-291-7171, Monday – Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.