Dr. Paul Fuchs Selected to Determine Standard on National Exam
Dr. Paul Fuchs was recently selected by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) to participate in a Geriatric Medicine Standard Setting Process Meeting. Less than fifty geriatric physicians in the United States were selected to participate.

Dr. Fuchs is recognized as an expert in his specialized area, which is Geriatrics; last year Dr. Fuchs ranked in the top 3% who took the board certification exam in Geriatrics. He has been selected to help establish the standard for the Geriatrics Medicine exam along with members of the ABIM Geriatric Medicine Board Exam Committee.

ABIM is the premier physician organization in the United States which certifies physicians who practice internal medicine and its sub-specialties, including Geriatric Medicine. The goal of the ABIM meeting is to help establish the standard passing score on the next national Geriatric Medicine certification examination.

Dr. Fuchs practices at Laurel Hill Family Medicine. He sees adults of all ages, but the majority of his patients are over the age of 65. He recently celebrated the anniversary of his 40th year as a physician and 20th year in Laurel Hill, NC.