The Sound of Progress Can Be Heard at Scotland Health Care - Archived

Laurinburg, N.C. -- Scotland Memorial Hospital has multiple renovation projects underway on all three of its floors to improve patient flow, upgrade patient rooms, and to provide a more excellent patient experience. In addition, the Marlboro Medical Complex in Bennettsville is on track for completion in early December.


A Fast Track in the Emergency Center

ECsphoto.jpgA renovation project in Scotland’s Emergency Center creates a Fast Track area for patients with urgent but not life threatening health conditions. These patients can be treated quickly, reducing extensive waits and lengths of stay and improving the overall flow of patients through the Emergency Center. A Fast Track frees up critical Emergency Center beds for the most serious emergency cases first and as the highest priority. Both patient and staff satisfaction will improve thanks to the Fast Track. This renovation project should be completed by March 1, 2016.


Dr. Douglas Nederostek, the EC’s Medical Director, says, “To date this year we treated approximately 55,000 patients in the Emergency Center, a fourteen percent increase over last year.  The closure of Marlboro Park Hospital and this year’s anticipated flu season could mean the Emergency Center treats an even higher number of patients this winter.  These factors, along with the current renovation, could mean longer wait times so we ask for the community’s patience.  To help alleviate avoid long wait times in the EC and at Scotland Urgent Care, I encourage anyone with a chronic health condition, minor illnesses or injuries, or flu-like symptoms to utilize the services of their primary care provider or the Urgent Care Center for health issues not requiring emergency care.”


A Facelift To Imaging Services

Scotland Memorial’s Imaging Department has just completed a facelift to its waiting room and now shines with new flooring, furniture, and art.  Chris Hogan, Imaging’s Director, says, “Also scheduled for the near future is a project to replace Imaging’s main hallway flooring, new paint and artwork, and new handrails from Imaging Registration to Nuclear Medicine, and renovate the Ultrasound Suite to provide a higher level of patient privacy. We believe this project will greatly improve the patient experience as well as uplift staff morale.”


Second and Third Floors “Flipped”

Just last month Scotland Memorial Hospital “flipped” patient care on the second and third floors of the hospital.  What this means is the Medical/Surgical/Pediatrics unit previously provided on the third floor is now located on the second floor.  Telemetry care, originally on the second floor, is now located on the third floor.  “We determined that this transition was in the best interests of our patients in order to provide continuity of care between departments,” says Pat Phillips, Senior Vice President of Operations. 


Telemetry monitors the electrical activity of the heart and many of the ICU patients moving to a less intensive nursing unit continue to need telemetry. “Moving telemetry from the second floor to the third floor just down the hall from ICU makes our workflow and hospital much more efficient,” Phillips said.


The second floor corridors are currently receiving new floor covering.  Remodeling of eleven patient rooms on the second floor, designated as the surgical patient wing, will undergo renovation beginning in February.  Additional renovations are planned for that time period to provide a designated Pediatrics Room on the second floor and a dedicated Dialysis Room on the third floor.


Teleconferencing in the Cancer Center

Scotland Cancer Treatment Center has renovated its Love Conference Center in order to install teleconferencing equipment.  Dotti Matthews, Cancer Center Director, says, “The new teleconferencing system allows us to take a big step forward into the future of healthcare, as our Duke Cancer Center physicians can now utilize the entire Duke physician network in the fight against cancer!”


Marlboro Medical Complex – Almost Ready for Occupancy

Scotland Health Care System’s biggest building project since the Community Health and Rehabilitation Center opened in 2000 is the Marlboro Medical Complex.  The System has invested nearly $2.5 million dollars into this Marlboro County facility in order to “build on our commitment to the community.”  This 9,000 square foot multi-specialty complex offers even more for the people of the Marlboro community than originally expected, including a streamlined patient care process, reduced wait times, improved quality of care, and a higher level of patient satisfaction.


When the Complex opens on December 15th, Marlboro Family Practice and Urgent Care (formerly Scotland Health Care Center) will offer services Mondays through Thursday from 7 am to 6 pm and on Fridays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  These increased office hours, the addition of urgent care services, along with primary medical care means the Marlboro community truly has a health care system on which to depend.


Joining Marlboro Family Practice and Urgent Care team in December is Dr. Hayes Cain, a family medicine physician who has provided care in Bennettsville since 1989. Dr. Cain and his wife, Gail Cain, who also works at the practice, have made their home in Bennettsville for many years and are an active part of the community.


Moving into the Complex the first week of January will be OrthoCarolina Scotland and Marlboro Surgical Associates. In addition, Scotland Imaging Services will provide onsite x-ray services, supported by Charlotte Radiology, one of the nation’s largest imaging practices, and onsite laboratory services.


“All of these projects are designed with the patient in mind,” says Mr. Phillips.  “However, as with all construction and renovations, some inconvenience may be experienced.  We ask for the community’s support as we work to enhance patient areas to provide excellent health care services.”


For more information about Scotland Health Care System and the current renovation projects, please contact the Marketing Department at 910-291-7550.  Like us on Facebook to receive information about upcoming events.