Cheraw Resident has Excellent Patient Experience at Scotland Memorial

Laurinburg, N.C. -- Expecting a baby is an exciting, joyous time. Family members share in that joy and anticipation, especially the grandparents. Such is the case with Cheraw resident Carolyn Mickleberry, whose youngest daughter, Jessica MacLeod, gave birth to her daughter Ellison Katherine MacLeod on September 17th at Scotland Memorial Hospital in Laurinburg. 

Dr. John Nobles of Marlboro Ob/Gyn is Carolyn’s ob/gyn physician and delivered her daughter Jessica.   “When Jessica became pregnant and required local ob/gyn care I wanted her to see Dr. Nobles,” Carolyn said. “He’s just the most wonderful doctor and I think very highly of him. He’s so calm and reassuring. Of course, Dr. Nobles now is on staff at Scotland Memorial and all of his expecting mothers give birth at Scotland Memorial. So we’ve now made it a family tradition to use Dr. Nobles for our family’s obstetrical care.” 

Carolyn recounts those circumstances around the birth of baby Ellison Katherine, or Ellie Kate, as she will be called. “Everything started out fine. We arrived at Scotland Memorial Hospital around 3:00 pm on September 15th. But because of complications, Jessica had to undergo an emergency Caesarian section. It was a very frightening time for both of us. Jessica’s husband Ian is in the Marines and out of the country right now. So it was just Jessica and me at the hospital.” 

Around 2:00 am the morning of the 16th, nurse anesthetist Scott McDannold was called in for an emergency C-section. Carolyn said, “Scott; Dr. Patricia Middleton, the laborist; and Jessica’s nurse Brittany were all absolutely wonderful. They were so incredibly kind, gentle, and reassuring, explaining everything that was going to happen as we went into the surgery. Scott put all of our fears at ease. Despite the fact that he was called into the hospital in the middle of the night, he was positive, upbeat and so helpful in our emergency situation. What could have been a very traumatic time for my daughter and me was actually not so because of Scott and the entire wonderful staff here at Scotland Memorial Hospital.”

Jessica added that “all of the staff in the women’s Center was wonderful. I especially want to thank Liz Steele; she was my favorite nurse. She was so kind, helpful and supportive and attended to my every need. Ms. Liz is the epitome of what a nurse should be.” 

What surprised Carolyn the most was the fact that she was allowed to go into the C-section room, which is located on the second floor right in the Women’s Center, with Jessica while the procedure was being done. “I was there for my granddaughter’s birth. What a wonderful gift. When I left the OR I was amazed that the staff let me stay with them as they cleaned and weighed her. They allowed me to stay as for as long as I wanted.“ 

Carolyn says from the time of Jessica’s arrival in The Women’s Center, Brittany, Jessica’s nurse, was awesome. “She was so efficient, comforting and kind. She constantly gave me updates on Jessica’s condition. The entire staff is so friendly and kind, including the Emergency Center staff who transported Jessica to Labor and Delivery. This turned out to be such a wonderful experience for us.” 

Before her granddaughter’s birth Carolyn and her family had not received any medical care at Scotland Memorial Hospital. However, after hearing a great many positive comments about the health care system, she had no qualms about Jessica coming here for Ellie Kate’s birth.

“I am so impressed with this hospital. I’ve heard such great things about it. Even though I’m technically not a medical person I have worked in health care in the past. I know a little bit about how important it is to provide positive feedback. And, I want everyone to know what a wonderful experience both Jessica and I have had here at Scotland Memorial Hospital. 

“We are truly blessed and I thank Scotland Memorial Hospital for the wonderful experience of Ellie Kate’s birth. I haven’t even grasped the fact that she is here yet. It’s all so new. I’m thrilled and I’m excited but it hasn’t yet set in with me. Sadly, the baby’s father missed her birth, but we were allowed to Facetime with him as soon as the baby was born. He’s incredibly excited about his healthy baby girl and can hardly wait to return home.” 

Carolyn and her husband Brian Mickleberry live in Cheraw. Carolyn works at Spencer Law Firm in Chesterfield and Brian is Vice President of Founders Federal Credit Union. 

The Women’s Center at Scotland Memorial provides parents a positive home-like environment in which to bring their baby into the world. In addition to outstanding maternity accommodations, exceptional physicians, and a certified nurse midwife, the nurses and other professionals are dedicated to making your stay at The Women's Center as comfortable as possible. It is their goal to ensure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. If you’d like more information about The Women’s Center at Scotland Memorial and the services provided there, please contact Michelle Herberg, Director, at 910-291-7820.