Podiatrist Joins Scotland Health Care - Archived


As a podiatric physician, Dr. Austin Matthews specializes in foot problems.

Following the recent completion of a three-year residency at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Michigan, Dr. Matthews joined Dr. Patrick Ricotta at The Foot and Ankle Institute to provide full-time podiatry services in Laurinburg. The practice also has an office in Lumberton.

Dr. Matthews sees a variety of age groups, both pediatric and adult patients and has an emphasis on diabetic foot care. “I’m very excited about the fact that I will also be one of the providers at Scotland Health Care System’s Wound Center,” says Dr. Matthews. “I think this service is instrumental in helping many people with their foot problems.”

Dr. Patrick Ricotta, who has been in practice in Lumberton and Laurinburg for eighteen years, says he is delighted that Dr. Matthews has joined The Foot and Ankle Institute. “I’m very glad to have a provider of his caliber in our practice. With the addition of Dr. Matthews the Laurinburg practice can now be staffed full time. I believe our patients will find him a very pleasant person and that appointments are readily available. Dr. Matthews is highly trained in all aspects of simple and complex foot surgery.”

As a podiatric physician, Dr. Matthews’ training included both medical and surgical care, with rotations for internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, and vascular surgery. “In podiatric medicine we often treat sick patients and need to know about underlying diseases. Vascular surgery is especially important to a podiatrist.” In the Laurinburg practice, Dr. Matthews offers treatment for the following: Foot surgery • Heel pain • Achilles Tendonitis • Broken bones in the foot • Hammer toes • Bunions • Diabetic foot care • All foot and ankle open wounds/ulcerations • Toenail problems • Orthotics • Elective surgeries of the foot along with complex foot reconstructive surgeries due to trauma and systemic diseases

Dr. Matthews will also be joining the Scotland Wound Healing Center to provide advanced care for all types of wounds of the foot and ankle.

This medical specialist made the decision to become a podiatrist at age 21 while serving on a missions trip to Austria and Germany. “I worked in Europe and saw a great many poor people with birth defects and those who had great difficulty walking. I realized then I wanted to devote my life to helping people walk better.”

Originally from Idaho, and having completed his residency in Michigan, Dr. Matthews is delighted to be living in this area far from the frigid winters. He says the word “community” was something he looked for as he neared the end of his residency. “I wanted to live someplace where my family and I could integrate into the community. We’ve been married for a while but have never really lived in a place we could consider a permanent home. We’re both from small towns and we like the small town feel. We plan to get involved in the schools and community activities and also get the children involved in community activities.”

For appointments with Dr. Austin Matthews, podiatrist, at The Foot and Ankle Institute, please call 910-266-9900. The practice is located at 705-A Lauchwood Drive, Laurinburg.